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The services of Bitex will be like the services available in traditional banks such as payments, currency exchange and transfers, debit cards and personal loans that will be available in 8 countries and will also be available to other countries. With the Bitex services will gives user ability to have another wallet which have their funds inside the wallet so they can use it to buy something that they want.

Inside Bitex there are two important components that will help Bitex in providing services to users. These two components are Bitexpay and EZBitex. Bitexpay will be a payment solution for consumers and merchants. While EZBitex is a currency exchange system and banking infrastructure with a decentralized ledger that will support the overall functioning of the system.

From here, BitexPay provides services to consumers and merchants in terms of payment of goods and services using cryptocurrency. Then, the merchant will receive a payment in cryptocurrency. Consumers already joining BitexPay will have their ERC-20 wallets compatible with their cryptocurrency so they will be able to pay directly with their coins. Bitex also receives other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and coins from Bitex itself and it's called XBX. If a new currency is added to the EZBitex exchange, the consumer will receive this information through their email address and Bitex will also provide information on social media.

This ERC-20 wallet will be integrated with every customer's cellular device so that the customer can fully manage his currency and can make transactions whenever and wherever and the customer must keep the private key for the wallet in his mobile device.

Each BITEX ( ) member will have a BitexPay account and will get a BitexPay debit card to store assets owned and from this account, later the users or members can make transactions through their mobile device. But before users can make a transaction, users must transfer some assets into the BitexPay wallet in order to make a transaction. And do not forget to always control your wallet in BitexPay that is on your phone so you can directly make a transaction.

Below is a BitexPay application that will be used by the user:

If the consumer has chosen the goods to buy, then the consumer will go to the payment page and then consumers will choose cryptocurrency in the BitexPay application. For example, if the price of an item is $ 50 and the consumer wants to pay using cryptocurrency, then make sure the cryptocurrency is already available in the BitexPay application so that the consumer can directly pay for the item.

In the BitexPay application, there is also a list of exchange rates for cryptocurrency between crypto and fiat currencies to calculate and display the requested price in the currency chosen by the consumer so that consumers do not have to bother to look for the information. The merchant may also request that the amount of money to be received can be converted into the currency he wants and will be sent directly to his bank account.

By using BitexPay, users can make transactions easily, anywhere and anytime they want and the transaction process will be completed in the not too long. In addition to buying goods or services, BitexPay can also make monthly bill payments so that we can also pay a variety of needs just by using one application. This information is available in BITEX Whitepaper ( )

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