Infrastructure of Blockchain for REIT

GlobalREIT Project ( ) aims to create an opportunity in real estate so as to enable users to invest through a broad asset-backed portfolio. The vision of the GlobalREIT Project is to try to expand the REIT industry that previously only exist in certain geographical areas and geographies so that later it will be able to create a diverse and dynamic platform for real estate assets from REIT around the world to connect and open cross-investing and sourcing worldwide.

To support this vision, GlobalREIT has built a platform through the Ethereum blockchain and by leveraging the power of smart contracts in creating a special asset token (GRET). This GRET token is based on the ERC20 standard so that it can later be traded on all tokens exchange platforms, opening a faster, simpler, cheaper, and more secure trade. In addition, this will enable investors to protect risks not only in Fiat currency, but also in assets significantly. In addition to GRET, this platform also allows for a secondary token on the ERC20 standard called GREM. These globally tradable tokens also allow investors to take part directly in the GlobalREIT Fund Manager dividend. GRET and GREM will offer turnkey solutions to revolutionize real estate investments, so that they can be accessed by many investors.

The GlobalREIT Platform will serve as a service that will issue real estate assets and will then pay dividends to all participants and investors. The core of the REIT Global Platform is as follows:

1. The Asset Management Module
2. The Compliance and Security Module
3. The Transaction Module

The GlobalREIT infrastructure will be built using the Ethereum network. Asset holders and REITs worldwide can register their assets through an Investment Manager who will bring the assets of investors through the management of GlobalREIT. GlobalREIT will conduct background checks in depth and will follow all rules of KYC by using evaluation before registering any property. Investors will have a list of world-class assets so investors can choose from all the details listed on the platform such as exchange rates, NAVs, dividends, retention intervals, and minimum investment. Such a comprehensive view will give investors a comparative oversight into investment opportunities and this will be different from other platforms so it is expected that it will attract a lot of potential investment.

1. The Asset Management Module

This is a multipurpose module that will handle the frontend and backend of all assets listed in the GlobalREIT platform. Users can view asset features, lists, values, market trends, historical information, and a variety of additional information on each listed asset. This feature will vary between asset managers and investors because the information required by asset managers and investors is also different but ultimately, the module will serve to facilitate all parties within a system. In addition, this module also handles all backend functions that will help to implement smart contracts associated with the GRET token.

2. The Compliance and Security Module

GlobalREIT will provide a fully secure platform for investors and asset owners in transactions. The Compliance and Security Module will serve to provide 24/7 security by applying industry-standard checks and balances for transactors and ensuring fraud removal across systems. In addition to being integrated with third parties such as KYC and AML vendors, the system implements classroom security measures and protocols to ensure system reliability, work time, and threat prevention.

3. The Transaction Module

The transaction module handles all API calls and interfaces with the outside world, and will validate all transactions with The Compliance and Security Module and The Asset Management Module. This module will accommodate all business transactions within the platform and will be responsible for executing the instructions of all participants incorporated in the system.

GRET Token And Asset Verification

In order for blockchain-based REIT to function successfully, all evidence of asset ownership becomes a vital component of the value chain. our protocol system will register the real estate asset and will certify it through a smart contract located at the center of the system. System architecture will be based on the development of intelligent contracts to build trust between the three main parties:
1. Investors
2. Owner of Assets
3. GlobalREIT Fund Management Company

Investors make transfers of Ethereum or Bitcoin into contracts while asset owners or brokers will register their assets with GlobalREIT Fund Manager (GRFM). GRFM will provide proof of receipt of assets into an authorized form so investors will be confident that the contract will be activated through smart contracts.

At that stage, the investment currency will pass through the asset owner and will return again in the form of tokens in which already supported by GRET assets to be issued to investors. This token will use the ERC20 protocol so it can be traded on all global exchanges that include the token.

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