Platform Crypto-Banking from BITEX Called EZBITEX

The EZBITEX from Bitex platform will help consumers make transactions such as processing payments, transfers, exchanges and taking out loans in cryptocurrency and all that can be done from their smartphones. With the platform of BITEX, users will get a variety of ease in accessing and making transactions and they do not have to wait long to complete the transaction process and get transaction confirmation. Supported by technology and system support from BITEX, this will provide convenience for users in the transaction.

The Bitex platform based on crypto-banking is a decentralized exchange process called EZBitex. An app will be launched and will be integrated with EZBitex and will provide users with several options, such as:

- Gives the option to convert from crypto to crypto, from fiat to crypto and from fiat to fiat and all these are in one application;

- Provide a choice of payment gateways (will be assisted by third parties like Braintree or Stripe) for the purchase of cryptocurrency using credit cards, debit cards or online banking;

- Provide various types of consumer wallets (Payment, Trading, Storage, Loans) related to consumer accounts and provide other services;

- Provide API to access EZBitex functionality to third parties who want to use EZBitex as their payment platform;

- Provide an ATM with a Bitex brand at the location where Bitex operates, thus providing convenience to use an ATM card from BitexPay and a card marked "Powered by Bitex" provided by a third party;

- Provide an inter-business payment option for goods and services complete with invoices and receipts.


Bitex will give licenses to local partners to use the EZBitex platform software so that local partners can take care of all necessary permits and assigned by local financial authorities to operate franchises in the region and are expected to work properly. EZBitex ( ) will be launched in mid-2018 with a subset of banking services offered to customers in 8 countries (Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates) and has plans to expand its reach in the future.


Working closely with local partners, where local partners have a much better understanding of how to react from local customers, partners, and regulators, and will be able to provide applications and support to customers who need them so that the Bitex platform becomes more accessible. With the help of local partners who know more about the local market, it is expected that BITEX platform will be able to reach more customers so they can feel the ease of transacting in the world of cryptocurrency.

The EZBitex platform will have multiple data servers scattered around the world and this will be interconnected with each other so that it will help each other to operate the platform and can cope easily if in case of interference. Infrastructure will be given security by using military-class security to be assisted by reputed security firms.

Support From BITEX

Third parties who work with BITEX may issue their own debit or charge card either physically or virtual for payment in their online or offline store. The card they use will be marked as "Powered by Bitex", because the EZBitex platform will be used as a third party payment network to BITEX.

Third parties can create their own wallets and they continue to use the EZBITEX platform to make payments from the wallet of payments based on accounts of customers who make transactions. All transactions on the EZBITEX platform will require a payment of tokens called "XBX". Bitex will provide a physical card reader to the merchant who will help them to read all types of cards that have the words "Powered by Bitex".

This information is available in BITEX Whitepaper ( )

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