Benefits of Bitex Crypto-Banking Platform

In this discussion will be explained about the benefits of BITEX Platform that will be obtained by consumers and traders who have access to the BITEX ( ) network itself. With this explanation, it is expected that consumers and traders can know about the benefits of using the BITEX Platform so that they can use it more conveniently and of course will provide convenience for the users themselves.


The Bitex platform allows consumers to set their own crypto wallets as Wallet Holding on their mobile device. There is no private key for this wallet that is shared with the EzBitex platform. This way is completely decentralized so customers are expected to keep their own wallet safely. By using the Bitex platform, customers can ensure that customer assets will be safe from hacking or other attacks. And with this, Bitex will encrypt the development source code by using PCI Standard Certification for security.

A personal mobile wallet will make the Bitex Platform widely available, as based on recent research showing that mobile penetration is widespread throughout the world and so it will have a larger percentage for populations in underdeveloped countries that are expected to participate in transactions finance companies that have access to conventional banking networks and will later attempt to use modern network access using the BITEX platform.

By having control of one's purse and by making financial transactions with the Bitex platform for various purposes such as purchases or transfers, the consumer will not have all of their crypto assets under the control of a centralized entity (as is the case with the current crypto exchange) with all the security risks causation. Consumers will actually control their crypto assets so that consumers are required to manage and control their personal wallets safely.

Consumers will not have the ability to purchase crypto currency in exchange by using credit cards offered by third parties that have their "Powered by Bitex" or BitexPay debit cards. EZBitex as a card processing network ensures that the transaction is authorized by each card issuer.


Merchants have several options for receiving payments - via the mobile EZBitexPay app, QR code, and card reader. Additionally, online merchants can add BitexPay as a payment option to their ecommerce portal so that their customers can have more payment options. And of course, BITEX users will be able to use the BITEX platform to shop by using the BITEX app.

With the BITEX platform, simple traders (such as street vendors) can use their mobile devices to become purse recipients' wallets so as to make it easy for them to make transactions and they do not need to have traditional bank accounts to transact.

Fund Management

Funds collected during ICO will be managed jointly by the shareholders of local companies licensed in each country where Bitex will operate. The local company will be registered in every country where Bitex will operate, and the company will obtain the necessary license to operate as a local crypto bank.

Shareholders holding more than 50% of the shares of local companies may choose the direction to be taken and the use of funds collected at ICO. The financial audit will be conducted by three or more companies to convince investors that funds collected during ICO are used to develop the crypto-banking infrastructure.


Bitex Global has collected as much as USD 2,760,000 through the sale of the Bitex franchise license to partners in twelve countries. Money collected from local licensees will be used to create the local infrastructure necessary to support EZBitex banking platform, including registration, payroll, legal and regulatory aspects, and software localization. The money collected during ICO will be used to develop a common platform that can serve every country, the overall security infrastructure, and the implementation of common peripherals such as ATMs, card readers, and kiosks.

This information is available in BITEX Whitepaper ( )

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