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Nowadays, real estate investing attracts more people because it will give you huge profits every year. The price of real estate from year to year will increase and this makes investors try to follow this real estate investment. But there are many obstacles that investors often face, for example, we can not have investments in a foreign country, require enormous capital to start, must meet legal requirements, and so on.

To counter this, there are companies that offer Real Estate Trust Trust (REIT) systems that will help investors to invest in real estate. REIT may be a company or association that owns real estate or real estate developers that can be registered as public companies or may be privately owned.

REIT Features:

- REIT is a platform for long-term investment portfolio deployment
- REIT earnings are generated through leases obtained from asset portfolios, interest earned by financing real estate assets or from proceeds from managed sales (AUM)
- 90% of revenue generated by REIT will be distributed as a profit to its shareholders
- Publicly registered REITs are investments that can be cashed at any time.


With blockchain technology, it will greatly help REIT in developing real estate investments. where blockchain is designed to facilitate, authorize, and record cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency itself is a digital currency so it will be safer in making transactions.


Global Reit ( ) will work just like any traditional REIT but Global REIT will provide some additional benefits like below:

- Provide access to all assets under management (AUM)
- Provide reward points through the Loyalty Program
- Global REIT's asset portfolio will cover all assets to be acquired globally
- Global REIT holder tokens will benefit from their participation in "Fundraising Income"
- Holder token "Asset Owning Company" shall be paid as profit every month


Global REIT will use blockchain technology which will provide the following benefits:
- Investors will be able to get a stable profit
- Anyone can invest in real estate assets
- Owners Real estate assets can trade in the market crypto
- REIT can use this system too

The vision of Global REIT is to create a portfolio of global real estate investments that will offer additional benefits than traditional REIT by establishing REIT into Block Chain Technology.

This means that each customer will get a share in the Corporate Fund Management (GREM) again and the Asset Ownership Company (GRET) again in addition to the token-connected utility.

In the Pre-ICO stage, bonus tokens are offered to customers in 4 stages with the maximum bonus tokens awarded to those who subscribe on the 1st Tranche.

Ethereum (ERC-20), Bitcoin (BTC) and Fiat Currency will be accepted to subscribe to this token and in return, the dividend will be paid USD and USDT (Tether).

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