BITEX Solution For Crypto-Banking

Cryptocurrency is now growing rapidly, many people know and use cryptocurrency and there are already many cryptocurrency markets that trade crypto coin-coins to make it easier for people to buy and sell the coin. The purpose of them in buying and selling coin-coin is to earn profits and they can also use the coin as one of their investment in the internet world.

All this starts with the creation of Bitcoin as the first coin of cryptocurrency and after Bitcoin became known by many people, other coin-coins began to emerge and one of them was Ethereum. Ethereum is a public peer-to-peer network or a blockchain with its own digital currency called Ether. Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin in 2014 and Ethereum's goal is to become a platform where smart contracts can be created and run to handle a wide range of transactions.

In the future, if cryptocurrency has been accepted in all countries then this cryptocurrency trade will turn into a trade such as a commodity or securities trading so that it will require a medium that will act like a banking institution. This new institute will run by using cryptocurrency system so that later, this institution will become a bridge that will accommodate between traditional banks with cryptocurrency and will be able to meet the needs of customers who want to save the currency, exchange between currencies, using currency for the payment of goods and services, automating bill payments, taking loans and so forth.

BITEX Solution For Crypto-Banking

BITEX ( ) as an agency that will handle cryptocurrency transactions with banks will help the economic function and will provide ways to manage savings, provide means for payment and money transfer and provide loan facilities to customers. With BITEX, this crypto-bank will be able to restore public confidence in banking as a cryptocurrency-based digital economic solution.

By providing services to the community, BITEX will make the greatest impact in the community and will work at the local level and ensure that the benefits of this cryptocurrency-based digital economy will be felt by the community. BITEX itself has set up a banking platform that will be operated by local franchise holders in various countries and obey the laws of each country and later BITEX will be integrated with various platforms or payment applications that will facilitate the public in making transactions. And BITEX will also adjust its platform with the situation in each country so hopefully, a later platform from BITEX will not have difficulty in transacting.

Opening Opportunities in Asia and the Middle East

BITEX will open its platform services in Asian and Middle East countries so that they will be able to feel the great impact of global economic power that is shifting to developing countries so that Asian and Middle East markets can compete with other big countries. In addition, the Asian and Middle East markets are considered ready to accept the crypto-based finance system so BITEX feels that BITEX will grow better in those countries and BITEX will provide banking services through mobile devices that will make it easier for people to make transactions.

Supported by technological advances in every Asian and Middle East country, BITEX will be able to reach and provide good services in the field of banking with cryptocurrency based. BITEX will also serve requests that traditional banks can not yet fulfill and BITEX will also license licensed financial services that work with BITEX so they can use financial services for a cryptocurrency-based economy.

Blockchain Based Crypto-banking Platform

With the service system from BITEX, all transactions will use Blockchain is a ledger that will record all types of transactions on a server that serves to store all transaction data. The platform from BITEX will be using a smart token and crypto token that will be recorded in Blockchain making it easier for everyone to make transactions wherever and whenever.

All of this is included in BITEX Whitepaper ( ) as their plan to be a crypto-banking platform that will people to make a transaction with more simple and easy.

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