First Thing First


I am happy that I can make this new blog again. This is the new one after my previous blog is late to re-register and I really sad that I can not use the domain again. But its not a problem because now, I am with this new one and I hope this will stay longer than the old one.

Its interesting if we can follow anything we want because I am sure that we can learn many thing from what we read or what we listen.

And now, here I am. I am coming back with a new things. Its not a big thing but for me its absolutely a big things because from this, I can continue my work to make money and in the future, I am sure that I can make real money again.

For now, I've been interesting with the something new, I am falling in love with Crypto Currency which I know in 2015 and until now, I still used and I still doing many things with the coins or we can called it Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can make me to stay focus to make money and now, with the price changing in many times, I am following the price no matter the price is down or up.

I think its enough for the beginning and next time, I will make another post that is related with Bitcoin and of course related with Crypto Currency.

See ya.


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